Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Catch Crooks, using CCTV’s and Facial Recognition at Holy Places

Crooks also come to visit holy places to pray and ask for blessing, judging by the success a one million US$ CCTV camera network is having at a holy shrine in India. The system is equipped with facial recognition software which is fed with photographs of repeat offenders, bag lifters, chain snatchers and pickpockets. When the system zeroes in on a match a silent alarm goes off in the monitoring room and the culprit is apprehended. The system in the last 5 months has help nab 82 culprits.
CCTV surveillance is soon becoming more advanced with digital analytics and widespread availability using dedicated or mobile networks. Common uses vary from remote monitoring of property to child supervision by indviduals. Law enforcement uses vary from crime detection violation detection to antiterrorism.
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