Friday, September 30, 2011

CCTV’s ring down petty thefts in Mumbai

The use of CCTV camera’s in developed countries largely acted as forensic tool to trace criminals. Many of whom now wear masks to remain anonymous. In India however, the CCTV camera has proved its importance as a tool to bring down the rising menace of petty theft that takes places on crowded roads and streets.
Indian women normally always wear a gold necklace as a symbol of marriage or as a custom. Gold prices have hit the roof, making gold items a hot pick. Bike borne thieves snatch these chains and purses, from pedestrian women or from those seated in autoricksaws (canopied semiopen three wheelers).
While the state police forces try to fund acity surveillance networks, CCTV's installed by shop owners in crowded markets have proved a quick deterrent as they enable cops to identify the thieves and/or their motorcycle number making it difficult for helmet borne thieves to escape. There has been a steep drop in crime in these areas.

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