Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Exam cheat caught using a spy pen

I found, and quite unusually so, that spy pens were heavily advertised on leading dailies and sold onboard flights in India. Spy pens can be used to make copies of documents, but with mobile phones around there is no need for an additional gadget. Today’s news “Gadget guru fails to crack it” demonstrated an innovative use of spy phones for cheating in examinations. The student in question inserted the cap of the spy phone with the camera in his shirt pocket. Each time he bent over the question paper the camera clicked an image and sent it via Bluetooth to a concealed mobile phone in his trouser, which then got relayed to a friend outside who quickly replied back with the answers via a hearing aid. Unfortunately for the student, due to an alert invigilator and a cctv monitoring system, he was caught when his apparatus failed to work and he was trying to fix it.

There are several such spy cameras available in the market inserted into innocuous objects like alarm clocks. These are cheap and used for monitoring people at work, conducting sting operations, in business discussions or filming victims in a state of undress. There are however, very few reported instances of this form of surveillance either because the victim chose to keep silent or was unaware of the incident. Unfortunately because these equipment are disguised it is difficult to detect, but it pays for women to keep their eye open when they visit changing rooms in stores and in common toilets. Airport worker fired for filming women on the toilet

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