Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fooling supporters to DDOS the US Govt made the Internet unsafe

I was quite upset when I read  that thousand of users who chose to listen to Anonymous's point of view were fooled into launching a DDOS protest against the FBI, Dept of Justice and other sites. Individuals participated unknowingly into a criminal act which made the Internet even more unsafe for cybercitizens.

I believe this trickery was uncalled for and will actually damage the credibility and popularity of Hacktivists. While thousands may have their reasons to believe that its legitmate to share pirated content, in law it is not so. In democracy we accept both the decision of the government and rule of law. We should honour both. We can protest in a non violent manner to make our view point heard to the government but no more. We should find alternate means of protest, DDOS is not the answer.

Site owners should also make an effort to curtail pirated content on their sites or links to such content. This includes search engines, torrent sites, cyber lockers and site which have linkages. These sites make money off ad revenue which indirectly is paid for by those very same netizens on the margins made on other products which they buy at the expense of money going to the business which worked hard to create online content.

Let us not degenerate into a cyber rabble.

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