Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Texting and driving a major cause of fatal road accidents

A woman has died in a head-on collision on a US highway just seconds after she posted selfies and updated her status on Facebook. Use of social media while driving is said to be responsible for over 18% of the fatal crashes in the US resulting in over 3000 deaths.
Talking or Texting while driving has become a major source of driver distraction, and a leading cause of road accidents. The trend affects younger people with an urge to read or update their online status instantly.

With the popularity of mobile devices and connected cars, drivers should have the self-discipline to set their mobile to a “driving” mode, much like the “airplane” mode where the ring is silent and alerts do not sound. Parents should educate their kids to keep their cellphone off while driving. Companies can also prohibit their employees from using cellphones while driving as part of their safety policy.
In India the law bans the use of cellphones while driving including with the use of hands free wireless ear pieces, but it does not extend to texting. Texting is usually out of sight as the phone is in the lap of the offender making it difficult for the police to see.

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