Saturday, April 19, 2014

Alert victim nabs thief using his cloned credit card

Credit card companies send an SMS alert with payment details after each transaction. Quick thinking by a victim who received one such alert for a payment of Indian Rupees 10,000 (200 US) which he had not made, resulted in the capture of a man who used a cloned card to pay for a bill at a popular restaurant. On the receipt of the SMS, the victim searched for the number of the restaurant from an online directory and alerted its manager to the recent fraudulent transaction. The vigilant manager rushed out and nabbed the customer minutes before he was set to board an autorickshaw (tuk tuk) outside the restaurant.

This incident is a motivating example of how a combination of quick thinking and a speedy response can save the day. SMS alerts have proved their usefulness in containing the scale and extent of ATM and credit card crime in India.

Once an alert on a transaction you have not made is received, immediately bar your card to prevent further monetary loss. Take heed, and act quickly.

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