Sunday, April 27, 2014

Parents and children disrespect teachers online

In a survey of 7500 members of the NASUWT teaching union in UK, it was found that both parents and children used Facebook and Twitter to post derogatory comments against teachers. Such posts targeted teachers with offensive language and comments about their race, sexuality and appearance. 26% of the teachers said that videos or photos of them had been uploaded online without their consent.
Most of the teachers preferred not to complain as they feared that no action would be taken against either the student or their parents. According to the teachers union, instances of abuse have already reached proportions where teachers require remedial actions as it has begun to affect their performance and traumatize them.
This survey amply demonstrates the increasing lack of cyber ethics in the online world. Disturbingly, the growing disrespect to core institutions shows that 27% of parents are neither counselling nor grooming their children to be responsible future netizens. Surprisingly, they exhibit antisocial behaviors rather than to prefer to act as good role models.

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