Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Safety and Privacy: Baby Monitor lets neighbors spy into your house

There are several ways to let someone spy into your home. The easiest is using a non internet baby monitor which allows neighbors to tune into, much like a radio.
A man in the US found out that he was being watched  when his neighbor informed him that video and audio from his son’s nursery was showing up on his monitor whenever it was set to the same channel. The microphone on the monitor was so sensitive it even picked up conversations occurring in rooms outside the nursery. Both used the same product and believed the product to be secure when they bought it.

While purchasing wireless products it is important to evaluate the authentication and encryption mechanism in place to ensure that no third party can snoop onto the audio and video feed. The mechanism should provide a level of difficulty to break into. Monitors with long range may appear attractive but the feeds can also be captured by your neighbors or by people in a car outside. It may pose a health hazard for your infant.
In countries like India, where residents live in tightly boxed apartments, buyers of baby monitors should closely check product specifications and security mechanisms. After all, as the latest Indian crime report shows; neighbors are more often than not responsible for cyber crimes against you

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