Saturday, April 30, 2011

Immediate Precautions Sony’s PlayStation Network Customers Should Take

Hackers who broke into the PlayStation Network obtained personal information from 77 million customers. The information that was accessed according to various news reports were name, address, e-mail address, birthdate and PlayStation Network and Qriocity password and login. There is a possibility of financial information such as customers’ billing address, credit card data and account security questions and answers may have been taken.

I advise all customers to take the following immediate precautions

1.    If you use the same password on other online services such as banking, shopping, social networks please change them immediately.
      The same applies if you use a common set of secret questions and answers. It will not be difficult to track down these accounts and attempt to compromise them.  
      Teenagers and Children who have sub accounts may use the same credentials on social networks. Parents should supervise and ensure they are changed immediately.

2.    Beware of scam emails enticing you into various deals. Selling the email database will be a prime source of revenue

3.    Check your credit card statements regularly for signs of misuse. This may not be high risk as Sony claims that credit card information was not compromised.

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