Friday, April 1, 2011

Has the Media Compromised Player Security in the World Cup?

Tommorrow is the much awaited world cup cricket final in Mumbai. The venue is heavily defended due to warnings of terror strikes during the event. Front pages of the newspapers are dominated by cricketing news, from on field rivalries to be settled, an actress willing to go nude as an incentive for the cricket team to win to bookie odds. One large news article caught my attention, a run down of the security provided for the venue and the players. The article described where the players were staying, which part of the building, what security measures were taken on each floor and provided an accurate description of additional measures taken for security.

I personally felt that such news should not be publicised as it serves no interest. The public is interested in their own safety at the venue and not the players. This action has diluted the security precautions and should be avoided in the future. We should learn from the attack on the SriLankan cricketers in Pakistan when their bus was fired upon at a roundabout.

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