Saturday, April 16, 2011

Frequent reports by Indian print journalists help raise cybercrime awareness

I am frequently delighted to read lengthy articles written by Indian journalist on cybercrime related issues. Issues which perhaps are common place in an offline world, gain a lot of media attention when perpetuated online with arrests made by the cyberpolice. While the topics are normally trivial marital problems leading to harrassment through vulgar emails and slurring on Facebook, these reports serve to create cyber awareness on the dark side of the online world. In particular they aid:
  • Awareness: People are made aware of cybercrime and the mechanisms in place to punish such crimes.
  • Deterence: Perpetuators who commit this crimes under the anonymity of the Internet, realise that in an online world there is no true anonymity and cyber breadcrumbs can be traced back.
  • Empower cyber police: The image and the confidence in the cyberpolice enhances dramatically and is a great motivator in encouraging reporting of cybercrime
I do thank the media for writing such articles and actively encourage them to continue their good work. It provide professionals like me an opportunity to link these articles to our opinion, furthering the benefit to the community. A case in point is this article "Parents should educate their children on the ethical use of Social Networking Sites"

I look forward to a full suppliment on cyber issues, if anyone is listening.

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  1. Great to hear about security issues you're facing, and what you're making of them. Looking forward to more blogs