Monday, April 25, 2011

How to avoid entrapment via the Internet?

There are two forms of entrapment that take place via the Internet.  The first and most common is making money by scamming for air tickets or appeals for monetary assistance. Fraudster use emails, dating sites or social networks to contact and develop relationships using fake profiles and pictures of attractive men or women.  Fraudsters select their victims by sending mass mails, prospecting those that respond. A sample email is given below:
my name is Jennifer i see your mail while browse because i am looking for an honest partner for friendship i hope you don't mind, if you don't mind please write me back i can tell you more about myself and my pic

These scams are similiar to lottery and job scams, where the fraudster is normally anonymous and usually in a different country. It is fairly simple to detect because a request for money will eventually be made. I have written several posts with tips on how to recognize and avoid them.
The second and most dangerous form of entrapment is when the victim is specifically targeted  for blackmail as revenge or to extract favors, money and corporate secrets. In these cases the fraudster is normally a real person working to accomplish a mission funded by a corporate house, government or organized crime ring.  It is a more sinister ploy. First contact may be made online but the relationship is progressed in real life. It works well when the entrapped person is cheating on a relationship or is susceptible to a threat of sexual harassment or rape.  I personally think not cheating on a spouse would be the wisest option.  The threat of sexual harassment or rape is normally targeted for extremely rich and senior professionals who have a reputation to lose.

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  1. informative post... i agree lucius. both the forms are existing at a high margins. second one is common i guess in every organization...