Monday, July 22, 2013

Free Gift Subscriptions by uKnowKids for Parental Monitoring

Dear Readers,

LuciusonSecurity recently took the fifth place in the uKnowKids Parenting Blog of the Year Contest. uKnowKids is a company which helps parents monitor their children online to protect them from cyber risks. The product helps parents review their children’s social network to identify predatory intentions, cyber bullying and to be informed of new online friends.
As part of the prize, uKnowKids has been kind enough to offer you, dear reader, 25 totally free, year-long uKnowKids Premier accounts (social, mobile and location monitoring) -- you won't even have to put in a credit card!
All you have to do is visit this link: And enter the below promotion code, and the name of my blog. 
Promotion Code: LOS101 (once this gets used 25 times, it will cut off)

Do avail of this opportunity,

Thanks uKnowKids


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