Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Best of the Web Cyber Safety Videos " How Safe is Your Personal Information Online "

Many companies and organizations have charitably funded cyber security and cyber safety videos. These well meaning initiatives have not gained the visibility they truly deserve, as the budget for promotion of community initiatives is usually small. Yet, they hold the potential to create instant awareness.
In the best of the web cybersecurity video’s list, I endeavor to link these brilliant videos together on my blog and Facebook page, to help educationists, individuals and parents easily find and use them.
Today, we pay tribute to a fascinating video on personal online privacy for teenagers and adults. Watch on!.

if this video fails to appear for the lack of shockwave or flash support in your browser. Go to YouTube " Amazing Mind Reader reveals his gifts "


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  1. We need a new definition for personal online privacy. At least two of those three terms seem archaic or outdated.