Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cyber Bullying using Social Networks ! Best of Web Cyber Safety Videos

Cyber bullies use social networks to post pictures, write comments and create tags which may be mean, hurtful, or threatening to their victims. As social networks are inherently designed for collaboration, a bully’s comment rapidly circulates among others members of a group who may further comment on or like the post. When they do, it automatically adds credibility to a bully’s action lowering a victim’s self esteem, and bringing in a sense of isolation and depression.

In my Best of the Web Cyber Safety videos we pay tribute to a fascinating video of how social networks can be used to cyber bully. If this video fails to appear for the lack of shockwave support in your browser. Go to YouTube " A #NoTagsWithoutPermission Story: Cyberbullyingvia tagging on social networks "

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