Friday, October 3, 2014

Eleven Pledges a Good Cyber Citizen Should Take to Stay Safe Online

1.    I pledge not to cyber bully and act as an active or passive participant in cyberbullying. Wherever I see it, I will condemn it and inform my parents or teachers.

2.    I pledge to not make inappropriate comments on social media, blogs and websites because they are hurtful. I will ignore cyber trolls and their nasty comments wherever I come across them

3.    I pledge to not disclose personal information and pictures which may embarrass the person who sent it to me without their explicit consent

4.    I pledge to pressurize online service providers that use my personal data for advertisement and other commercial activities to act in a responsible manner which protects my privacy and dignity

5.    I pledge to pressurize online service providers to invest in security solutions that make their services, more private and secure. To show their commitment to strong authentication, transparent disclosures, data breach notifications and hassle free filtrations of inappropriate content.

6.    I pledge to not indulge in any immoral or criminal activity either for fun or profit such as the hacking of colleagues or partner’s social media accounts, sending anonymous insulting messages, harassing, posting pictures of sexual nature on revenge sites, stealing from online accounts of family members, selling household items online without consent or setting up online scams for quick money.

7.    I pledge to take onto myself the responsibility to ensure that my personal (and family) digital devices are made secure and kept free from malware. I will learn to set and keep configured minimum technical security controls such as software and patches.

8.    I pledge to take on the self-responsibility of protecting myself from cyber risks by keeping  aware of cyber risks and the means to safeguard against them

9.    I pledge to not fall victim to online solicitations from online scams the promise quick gains from money transfers, weight loss, international dating, lottery wins or whatever the enticing offer may be. Each time, I receive such solicitations, I will GOOGLE to verify their authenticity.

10.  I pledge to be a good cyber parent and to take on the responsibility of keeping my children safe online and to be their role model for ethical online behavior.

11.  I pledge to abide by my companies security policy and online code of conduct irrespective of my personal beliefs.


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  1. I wish more people would abide by these declarations. Too many people are ready to either jump into arguments or reposting dubious internet pages. There sometimes is malware hidden on some of those pages.

    I sometimes wish there were anti-malware programs for people.