Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Be Australia’s First Stay Smart Online Agent

In Australia ,80% of the population uses the Internet for social networking, shopping, online banking, blogging and ecommerce. As the Internet becomes a channel for financial transactions, and an easy means to perpetuate email frauds and scams, cybercrime will start to grow at a rapid rate. Most of us and our children use the Internet without a complete understanding of its risks and the knowledge to protect us. There are over 15 Categories that constitute Cybercrime which we should be aware off, and the upcoming National Cyber Security Awareness week (June 2012) is one such government initiative to bring together industry, community and consumers to raise cyber security awareness among its residents.

One of the unique proposals, this year is to find ambassadors who will help people relate to, and visualize cyber security issues as opposed to reading a boring list of security do’s or don’ts. These brand ambassadors named ‘Stay Smart Online Agents’, will be flown around Australia to attend industry events throughout Awareness Week.  

I liked the trailer of the competition video with its James Bond theme. Of course in reality there is no mystic to cyber security, commonsense is the best weapon. We only need to learn to stay safe on digital highways.

To participate go to Stay Smart Online. Entry is open to all Australian residents who are 18 years or over as at 16 December 2011 and closes on 14th Feb 2012.

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