Saturday, September 6, 2014


I was delighted to have conducted my first tutorial for parents on "How to keep children safe online" on Teachers Day, 5th Sept. It was a proud moment and I was able to receive feedback from enthusiastic parents on how to improve the material. The audience was very touched and emotional as I showed them the video on Amanda Todd and explained to them what happened to her. For many she remains a teacher and a hope. The tutorial description is given below and for those interested; the training content “Keeping your child safe online” is available to download.

Cybersecurity Awareness for Parents
Is your child safe while using the Internet is a nagging question that all parents seek to answer? While parents are convinced that the every child must know how to use the Internet, most are unaware of the extent of cyber risk and the vulnerability of their children to them. Cyber-criminals will continue to reach your child in the confines of your homes, schools and in crowded places. Threats cannot be wished away, left to others or simply ignored. We need to assess such threats, take prudent steps and use best practices to reduce their danger.

Parents who are digital immigrants as compared to children, who are digital natives adept at navigating the bylanes of the Internet, find themselves at odds to guide and mentor their children on their online behavior. The session Keep Your Child Safe Online exposes parents to real life cyber risks and provides guidelines to identify vulnerable children and steps to protect their children from cyber risks.
Spend two hours in a frank, open and interactive guided session with cyber expert Lucius Lobo, author of the book “Stay Safe CyberCitizen” to understand the dark secrets behind the Internet and simple steps to protect your family.


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  1. Simple and excellent article, now days most of children addict in the internet, so parent make awareness in the cyber security is must...
    Your articles very helpful to all parents....