Saturday, August 30, 2014

Internet of Everything @CLOUDSEC Mumbai

I was delighted to be part of CLOUDSEC, Mumbai panel on “The Internet SECURITY of Everything- Strategic perspectives and implications for government and business” hosted by Trend Micro and CNBC TV 18

The proliferation of things connected to the internet and each other will present new cyber security challenges to corporate IT and cloud computing. By 2020, analysts expect tens of billions of devices to be connected to the Internet and to each other. The Internet of Everything (IoE), will be powered by next generation enterprise assets such as corporate servers, mobile technologies, cloud computing, big data, intelligent networking and software applications.  The panel discussed what was available in terms of new strategies and solutions to address the new opportunities and potential risks that the Internet of Everything will introduce to organizations.

This year the theme was based on the emerging security concerns due to the Internet of Everything and the growing maturity of controls to audit and secure cloud infrastructure. One of my key takeaways was that reporting of cybercrimes continues to be low, either because the victim may suffer a reputational loss or the value of the crime was low or because there is not much faith in the ability of law enforcement to track global crime.

For those interested all presentation copies are available on

Founded in 2011, CLOUDSEC is one of the leading vendor neutral internet security conferences in Asia Pacific  hosted by Trend Micro, supported by industry leaders, government agencies, non-government organisations, professional associations, technology vendors, and internet security professionals.

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