Sunday, February 10, 2013

StaySafe CyberCitizen, a free ebook on Security Awareness makes The Rising List on

 “StaySafe CyberCitizen” has made it to The Rising List on the online document site in the first five days since its release.
Cyber criminals are coming up with increasing sophisticated ways and means to dupe cyber users in scams, siphon money from their online accounts or to harass them.
To reduce this, “StaySafe CyberCitizen” covers topics such the basics of cybercrime, best practices in online trading, email scams, employee blogging, cyber parenting and child safety, online ethics, online banking, how hackers earn and security insights for consumers and security professionals as well.
My  free e-book on cyber security is for individuals, consumers, traders, corporate, parents, bloggers and social networkers, to be aware using simple examples and real life incidents of key risks and practices to remain safe online. The book can be used as a security awareness tool by companies.

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  1. Congratulations Lucius. Excellent insights on Cyber Security for all users of the internet, both individuals and professionals. Thanks for sharing your wide experience and expertise. Anthony.