Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sites that allow anonymous posting of your intimate pictures

Entrepreneurs abound on the Internet. Even those that set up sites which allow an anonymous individual, to repost your intimate pictures (nudes or seminudes) without your permission along with your telephone number, location and Facebook profile link. It is a sure shot recipe for reputation damage, emotional trauma and depression.  Such sites allow ex-partners, jealous friends and blackmailers an easy opportunity to publish such pictures to a wide audience of people looking for casual sex and even send email links to your friend circle.  Intimate photos may be introduced online in many ways as outlined in 3G,Cell Phones, Social Networking and the not so Innocent Obsession.

These shady sites are able to exploit sections of the law that protect sites from legal action for contents posted by users. And in countries where pornography is legal, it allows publication of such pornographic content. Copied below are some of the guidelines for submission for one such site, which I do not wish to name to provide it popularity it does not deserve.

·    You must send at least 2 pictures with your submission. At least one must be a full or partial nude image.

·    You must send a phone number or Facebook link with your submission.

·    You must be 18+, and the person you are submitting must also be 18+, they also must have been 18+ at the time that the pictures were taken.

·     In the event of any legal, criminal or civil action you agree to indemnify (the Site) and its owners from involvement.

·     Anything that happens to you, legally, or otherwise, as a result of your submission/use of this website, is not our fault or responsibility.

·    By submitting you are forming a ‘contract’ with (The Site) (an agreement to the terms listed here) and allowing us to repost your content. You are considered to be the actual poster of this content and we are simply reposting it for you.

 The site in question, also offers a takedown service for a fee. This is one of the ways, they profit.

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