Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Youngest Team attempts to Raid an ATM in Mumbai

My most read blogpost ironically happens to be "12 Ways to Steal Money from an ATM? Just kidding!". Yesterday two slum children aged 12 and 15 smashed open an unguarded ATM with a iron rod trying to make off with the cash. They were caught before they reached the cash box by a police patrol.

There were a few thoughts that struck me when I read this news report. Firstly, this may be the youngest team ever to attempt such a robbery, secondly their creativity and ingenuity in figuring out that there was lots of money in the ATM, that a portion of it was plastic and could be broken off by a rod, thirdly that they even figured out that they needed to hide their faces from the CCTV and lastly the planning that went into the attempted heist.

Truly Amazing !

Read the full article: Times of India 21 Dec 12  2 boys smash ATM with rod, nearly steal 21 lakh

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 "12 Ways to Steal Money from an ATM? Just kidding!"

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