Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Woman CEO cyber harasses female coworker

Woman CEO maligns female colleague on Net, detained  ran the unusual title of news report by the Times of India. Apparently a women CEO had been cyber harassing her junior by posting remarks about her character or lack thereof which “described the victim as a sex pest who eyed newly recruited young men and was also "having a good time with a former employee". Apparently the women CEO was jealous of the rapid rise of the victim and wanted to bias her management against her.
This case was unusual as it demonstrates how the career pressures and workplace politics spill online with jealous peers using the net to spread a disinformation or disaccreditation campaign using the anonymity of cyberspace.
The important aspect of this news item was the victim registering a complaint to the cyberpolice. I am sure that simply catching the perpetrator must have brought great joy. It also underscores the importance of having a social networking policy and strong corporate governance.

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