Saturday, June 18, 2011

The size of nozzles and security selling

Many times, I have met individuals or read articles which state that security sales are driven by instilling fear, uncertainity or doubt in the minds to customers as opposed to real value. There is always a sneaky suspicion that the security industry creates its own threat vectors to enhance sales. Security sales is similar to selling insurance for an earthquake, if it happens then you chances of severe damage is high. Sales are also driven by product firms which push products whereas customers need control fullfillment and sometimes buy kit that they may not need. But irrespective, the stark reality is that security is underbudgeted in organisations and earthquakes are more frequent then before, particularly when we look back at the major reported breaches in the last six months.

I read an interesting tweet which pointed to an article which said that the "3000" mile limit or 3 months for oil change was simply a marketing gimmick and perhaps not true. It brings in additional revenue for oil firms and service centers. In a similar light, I found the size of nozzles in aftershave, toothpaste, sauce bottles and so forth to have the same shortcoming. Just like the exquiste tailoring of junk food to heighten taste we as individuals simply believe that a squeeze gives us the right quantity.

Now if security sold like sauce then many security officers would indeed be happy.

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