Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chinese and Pakistani Hackers attack CWG website

Today, competitive politics and envy have reached levels where they mar the game of sport. I read with great disheartenment, at the attempts by Pakistani and Chinese youth hackers to bring down the common wealth games website, an event designed to unite a host of countries under a theme of friendship and peace. What more the newspapers seems to suggest that these attempts where tacitly supported by the government and military establishments in these countries. Isn't it time that atleast governments act responsibly and work to actively suppress this kind of activities?

When individuals are encouraged to develop hacking skills and technology, although it may serve a short term, narrow purpose however illconcieved, the experience gained will eventually turn against the government that supported it. We have seen evidence of this time and time again, when terrorist spawned returned to conquer, the very land that created the beast.

One of the achievement of the Indian Government and people that I am proud off, is that despite our considerable expertise and knowledge on Information Technology we do not retaliate or attempt to interfere with global or other country online economies.

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